New Princess V39 Sunpad Option

Freitag 11th Juli 2014

The V39 Sunpad offers the same excellent amount of seating, deck space and storage as the standard model but adds in a full 6ft long sunpad.

The Sunpad option sees the standard cockpit seat base extended aft to create an upholstered sunpad with a sliding backrest allowing you to alternate between seat and sunpad.

Engineered and finished to a typically high standard, this extended pad is teak-decked for both practicality and appearance when the removable cushions are not in place.

With the backrest in the ‚Forward‘ position, the sunpad is deployed, leaving approximately half of the standard cockpit seating available, whilst the aft sunpad can accommodate two adults.

With the backrest in the ‚aft‘ position, a section of seating is revealed to provide a full-size U-shaped seat around the cockpit table. This also allows access to the storage locker below, the hatch of which has been increased in size so that the sunpad cushions can be stowed here along with other large items.

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