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Princess V39 Owner’s Story: Simply Unmatched

When a Family of Three Dancers showed up to a small JetBoat showroom in Glasgow a year ago, no one could blame the dealer for seeing less of a sale and more of a “sell.” With the whole purchase hinging on the ability of the dealer to find the family dog a lifejacket in the right colour, it was around about after a week of owning the thing that we all realised as a family that an open topped sports boat in the Solent’s varied conditions without a rooftop cover was only going to take us so far towards cruising the Coast in style. (At least not without coming across many difficulties including the common occurrence of dreaded rain, and the basic human requirement of needing the toilet while onboard!)

Barely 2 months later and we had found ourselves the answer thanks to David Evans and the team over at the Princess Yachts South Wales; representing Princess Yachts at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2012. With no more than a simple request to know a bit more about Princess Yachts from my Brother Guy, David had us all on board a Princess V39 in no time. Having listened to our questions and what we were looking for from the beginning of our new marine adventure, David chose the V39 as the perfect vessel for our family size and requirements. After reading a series of stellar ratings from the various top Boat Magazines over the coming months, none of us could quite believe we had been on such a celebrated craft and could not wait for the next opportunity to get on board.

It wasn’t until 4 months later upon our visit to the London Boat Show 2012 that the decision was made. With one crew member away, David recognised my Mother and I instantly; even asked after our absent family member Guy, who was performing live at Wembley that day. After another tour of the V39, which both David and Princess had given us in good time with no queuing and no rushing over any of the details, we were then taken to the rather special Princess Yachts Lounge which was welcome after my flight down that morning.

Having been looked after incredibly well by both David and Princess, the deal was made and could not have been any more accommodating for us as customers, including a part exchange of our current boat but with us still being able to use it right up to the V39’s delivery. Several extras were agreed including modification of the Aft cabin and even the inclusion of the Red Stripe hull knuckle line from the first model we had originally seen. It was at this point we were introduced to John Watts, who assured us that we were in for a very good time, and he answered all our questions relating to our passage plans and intended cruising grounds. He even included a few stories involving sinking, the French and a French jail for good measure!

In the 7 months leading up to delivery, David was constantly in contact with us, giving us factory updates and advice on what we could do in the meantime to prepare for the arrival of our new floating toy. My mother, Janet, was invited down
to the Princess Motor Yacht Sales London office to meet with both David and Princess Motor Yacht Sales representative James Lane. That day the colour swatches were choses, vessel specs were confirmed and even a quick visit to the bookies was made to bet on that days Grand National! It was another great day out and all part of the purchasing process.

Most exciting of all during this period was the day that we got our visit to the Princess factory. Janet had taken a day off from directing her Three Companies, Guy had been given a day off from rehearsals in London and I had timed a Scottish Bank holiday for a day off from Scottish Ballet. Getting the three of us down to one place at the same time was an achievement in itself. When we arrived at Felix 1, we were greeted by hard hats and protective glasses and a good cup of coffee to fuel us for the unexpected day ahead. That day we were able to see our actual hull post resin infusion and gel coated, the engine bay under construction and even our woodwork being worked on by the many Princess on-site engineers. If this wasn’t enough, we even got to see the delivery of our twin volvo D6 engines (which I gave a quick hug!).

Following seeing our own boat at the Felix 1 facility, we were then given a full tour of all the other remaining factories and had a chance to step on-board literally every single model of Princess Yacht available at the time which was a real bonus. At all times, David Evans was very aware that we were planning a future for our boating venture and thanks to his keen intuition for what we are looking for and Princesses excellent treatment, we feel that that future is in safe hands.

By September, the day had finally come, as we all rushed down to our new berth at Port Solent for the arrival of the our corner at just the right moment with our new Boat “Viola III” and gave us an effortlessly stylish pass so that we could all get a good look at our first proper Motor Cruiser. The handover day that followed was full of laughs, delicious champagne and made a memory that we will all never forget. Every detail of the boat was checked over and shown to us and by sunset were ready for our first night on board, with a roof over our head and feeling very well looked after.

We are all agreed as a family that we feel a part of Princess Yachts and this certainly won’t be the end of our time with Princess Yachts South Wales. The care and dedication that David and his team give to their customers is simply unmatched by any brokerage we have come across.