New Luxury Yachts for Sale

The Princess name has become synonymous with all the finest in luxury motor yacht design, high quality yacht manufacture and the very best in aftersales service and support for all Princess yacht owners. Regardless of size, every craft will exceed your expectations for a boat in her class. Tailored to meet your specific requirements and fitted with only the very best components, Princess yachts set the very highest standards in motor yacht luxury and performance.

On the water, Princess yachts are instantly recognisable for their graceful lines and timeless, classic elegance that will never date. Clean uncluttered lines and a muscular deep-V hull give Princess yachts an undeniable presence which is instantly recognisable in yacht marinas around the world.

When buying a luxury yacht you can have confidence in the brand and the team who will ensure that your needs and desires are not only met but exceeded. The Princess name and reputation means that you will not be disappointed.

M Class

The Princess M Class series yachts, the Princess 30M, Princess 35M and Princess 40M place the Princess brand firmly in the market for superyachts and megayachts over 100 feet. All super yacht models are unmistakably Princess in terms of their high quality design and superb performance, while offering prospective Princess yacht owners an exceptional level of personalisation which ensures that every Princess vessel is unique.

Princess 40m World Superyacht Award Winner 2013

Princess 40M

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Princess 35M

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Princess 30M

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V Class

At the heart of the V Class concept lies something more than a unique combination of staggering performance with luxurious comfort. It is the determination to express the panache and sheer exuberance of living at speed, without compromise. Elegant, powerful, high performance sports yachts available in a range of configurations incorporating spacious sunpads, large windows, huge cockpits and plenty of seating. Immaculately finished to the highest possible standards, these exceptional sports cruisers are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Princess V65

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Princess V60

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Princess V50

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Princess V40

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F Class

Princess flybridge luxury motor yachts offer all the outdoor living space that comes with the best in flybridge design, combined with spacious cockpits, luxurious saloons and superb cabin layouts. These boats have been recognised for their excellence by industry experts. Over the years, Princess flybridge yachts have been been awarded Motor Boat of the Year Awards along with numerous accolades from Motor Boat and Yachting and Motor Boats Monthly magazines.

Princess F70

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Princess 62 Motor Yacht for sale

Princess F62

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Princess F55

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Princess 49 Flybridge Motor Yacht with IPS Drive

Princess F49

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Princess F45

Introducing the all-new Princess F45, projecting the flybridge range into a new era of dynamic living

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Princess F43

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R Class

Princess R35

Provocative, cutting-edge and exhilarating: Introducing the all-new R35

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S Class

Cool and captivating, Princess S Class sports yachts provide everything you might desire for relaxation, entertaining and on-the-water exhilaration. Balanced by distinctive Princess luxury and spaciousness throughout, the extensive cockpits, garages and aft sunpads entice you to enjoy watersports and the great open air. These outstanding craft simultaneously provide the very best watersports experience along with generous interior accommodation making them ideal for entertaining. If you are seeking a boat with impressive speed and performance partnered with a beautiful, breath-taking interior then the Princess S class range should be in your sights.

Princess S78

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Princess S65

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Princess S60

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Y Class

Princess 88 Luxury Superyacht for sale.

Princess Y88

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Princess Y85

Powerful, agile and gracefully elegant. Ideally suited to longrange cruising.

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Princess Y75

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Buying a Luxury Yacht

We offer the ultimate in incredibly luxurious, beautifully crafted yachts, superyachts and megayachts. With such a wide variety of luxury yachts for sale, at Princess Motor Yacht Sales we fully appreciate that while yacht purchase is a thrill, it’s also a big decision – something you want to get right first time. Here’s our common sense guide.

You’re not alone – We help you buy a yacht with confidence

We know the yacht world inside out, of course. It’s what we do. But at the same time we’re aware that very few of our clients have all that necessary technical knowledge at their fingertips to make an expensive, important decision that’s also properly informed.

There’s a bewildering choice when considering new luxury yachts for sale, which is why we provide support throughout the decision making process. We’ll be with you all the way, from start to finish. We’ll give you the information you need to make a wise decision. We’ll explain the tech in language you’ll understand and because our enthusiasm for these remarkable vessels shines through, you’ll find the process a real pleasure.

It’s good to know we never use hard sell tactics. In our experience there’s really no need – we treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve, giving you plenty of time and space to consider every new yacht buying option carefully, in exactly the right amount of depth and detail.

Our yacht buying clients benefit from speaking to the knowledgeable professionals on our team, experts who are delighted to spend as much time as you like answering questions, providing support and guidance and ensuring the luxury motor yacht model you choose is exactly what you want and need: the optimum size, speed, layout, interior, engine, you name it. The idea is to tick all your boxes so you’re perfectly, completely happy.

Ask Us for Yacht Details

If you’d like to find out the details about new luxury Princess yachts, please contact us. We’ll be pleased to discuss your dreams and provide the information you need. Our sales teams are on hand to answer all of your questions so don’t hesitate to give us a call, drop us an email or fill in one of our online enquiry forms for a fast, friendly response.

Yacht Finance

We can provide top class specialist yacht finance via our partner, the respected French financier CGI Finance. Together we’ve negotiated some exceptional yacht finance deals for private individuals and professionals, a choice of advantageous fixed and floating rate marine mortgages plus flexible loans available on new boats. If you’d like to explore the potential, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific financial requirements so please contact us.

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