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A Christmas on board a Princess Yacht

A Christmas on board a Princess Yacht: A Turkey in the V39 oven and griddled Brussels sprouts

If you are feeling festive right now, here’s how Princess owners Penny and Steve – managed to spend a cosy Christmas last year, aboard their V39.

“When my husband suggested that it could be quite pleasant to spend Christmas with just the two of us on our Princess V39 “Gite”, I thought – Okay – I’ll rise to that challenge. So we spent a glorious day in the cockpit, complete with Christmas tree and decorations.

With the heating on and the canopy closed, we were toasty. I did get the turkey (crown) in the oven, followed by the roasties.  I love the fact that whilst there may only be two hotplates down below, the BBQ up top has multiple uses!

So whilst I recommend griddled Brussels Sprouts, griddled carrots are less appealing. All in all, it was a lovely day.”

Griddled sprouts!  It just goes to show how, with a little lateral thinking, you can achieve just about anything!

If you have any festive stories that you would like to share about time onboard your Princess, please send your stories and pictures to