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What is Luxury?

It seems like a simple question. But what, exactly, defines luxury? According to, luxury is, ‘a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense’. The Merriam Webster dictionary goes further, defining luxury as, ‘a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth: something that is expensive and not necessary, something that is helpful or welcome and that is not usually or always available’. Others call it, ‘Something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity, either sumptuous or expensive’.

You can see a pattern emerging. A luxury is an indulgence, something rare, expensive and highly desirable that only a few fortunate people have the means to enjoy. And it’s a definition that our luxury yachts fulfil in all sorts of ways. Here’s our take on luxury.

A class act – more about the meaning and interpretation of luxury

Classical economics defines a luxury good, also called an upmarket good or a superior good, as something for which demand increases more than proportionally as a person’s income rises. The more you earn, the more you desire it. Think Tiffany, Chanel, BMW, Moet, Rolex and Cartier and you’re on the right track.

In economics a luxury good is the direct opposite of a necessity good, a term which describes the ordinary, everyday things we all need to make life go smoothly, whatever we earn. And luxury goods are often similar to so-called Veblen goods, luxuries for which demand increases as the price rises. In other words the more expensive something gets, the more we want it. It’s a phenomenon that sounds counter-intuitive, seemingly contradicting the core economic law of supply and demand, but it creates a strong upward demand curve all the same.

The V&A museum defines luxury as, ‘exceptional objects, which demonstrate an extraordinary investment in time and handmaking.’ They also claim attitudes to luxury are shaped by cultural concerns and personal dreams, and that’s certainly the case for our beautiful craft, fine-tuned to every customer’s exact needs. In their view luxury goods also represent a considerable investment in time, both the time needed to acquire the high-level skills required to work with expensive materials, and the imagination, passion and dedication necessary to hone those skills to perfection.

Our luxury yacht collection falls into the luxury goods category. But they also fall neatly under the Veblen goods umbrella, objects of desire that get more desirable the more expensive and exclusive they become. That’s why our most luxury motor yachts also happen to be the luxury boats that high net worth individuals desire most of all.

How luxury applies to the design and attributes of motor yachts

Explore our collection of stunning luxury motor yachts for sale and you get a clearer idea about what luxury actually means in practical terms. We design and build new luxury yachts so they’re an extension of the owner, a craft that makes a strong statement about their taste and lifestyle. The opportunity to buy a yacht that suits you down to the ground in every way, from the interior décor to the layout, the technology and plenty in between, is a luxury in itself.

The average size of luxury yachts is around 40 metres, and size is sometimes a marker for luxury in our world. More yachts than ever these days are surpassing the magical 100 metre barrier, and a few particularly fast yachts even reach a speeds of 70 knots, another mark of luxury.

As successful, respected luxury yacht builders we understand the importance of fine detail. We pay close attention to the best-in-breed luxury yacht accessories as a matter of course, and that helps to make every craft unique. We use the best woods and metals, the finest finishes and fabrics, and the best available technology for your comfort and safety. And all that adds up to an experience that delivers delight and pleasure at every turn. No expense is spared, and nor should it be when you’re creating the absolute ultimate in luxury boats.

The features that make a Princess motor yacht a luxury yacht

We achieve extraordinarily high levels of quality by challenging established standards of skill, craftsmanship and design. The resulting boats combine top-level innovation with a keen respect for traditional crafts, beautiful materials and artisan methods.

In our world a luxury interior means genuinely high end interior design. It means luxury furniture, the very latest tech, the best materials we can get our hands on, and it all takes a great deal of time. Take our awe-inspiring M Class motor yachts, which are luxury personified. Available in 30m, 35m and 40m lengths, they’re an exercise in perfect ergonomics enhanced by creative practicality. Our team of professional naval architects, designers and engineers create the design, which is brought to vivid life by teams of dedicated craftspeople.

Attention to detail sits at the heart of everything we do. The 35M, for example, features a deep V hull that delivers surprising amounts of space as well as fabulous seakeeping. She’s lightweight and ingenious. Even the tiniest feature is carefully thought through, and every single element of every craft features superior engineering. She’s famously spacious. You can specify the seating arrangements to suit your needs perfectly. Hydraulic swimming platforms make swimming more pleasurable than you could possibly imagine. There are vast windows delivering stunning, wide views of your surroundings while providing essential privacy. There’s clever acoustic insulation to create a calm, chilled ambience even at sea, and the guest accommodation is quite simply superb.

Our 30M model is equally desirable. She has the most amazing raised pilothouse, her flybridge is enormous, big enough to comfortably include sun loungers, chairs and sofas, a dedicated dining area, wet bar and spa bath. And there are three or four gorgeous guest cabins – specify your ideal layout and we’ll create it for you.

The 40M has a particularly commanding tri-deck and she’s actually quite breathtaking, a beautiful craft with elegant, powerful lines and truly sublime architecture. Secluded sun worshipping, a spa bath, dining areas and your very own walk-in beach club are yours for the taking. Her interior is light and bright thanks to the huge windows, and she’s finished with the level of skill and precision you’d expect from a luxury yacht manufacturer like Princess.

Let’s talk about your own particular take on luxury

If you’re searching for a luxury yacht for sale, our professional team will be thrilled to discuss the options with you. Better still, you’ll be thrilled with the possibilities! We are here to help. Please contact us if your have any questions. And if you want information about any of our motor yachts or to arrange an appointment, contact our sales team on +44 (0)1489 557755 or [email protected]