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What do Business People Want on Their Luxury Yachts

Many business people aspire to own and enjoy their own fantastic luxury yacht. But what do they want from them and what are their expectations?

While historically there has been a demand, from busy business owners, for on board office space, this has changed. Although business people need to remain in close contact with their businesses, these days this is readily achieved using satellite communications from almost any worldwide location. Business professionals are tending to use their luxury yachts as places where they go to truly relax, get away from it all, recharge their batteries and, importantly, spend quality time with their families. They don’t necessarily need or desire a dedicated onboard office space when a reliable satellite link provides everything they need to stay in touch.

An important attribute, for many, is the luxury of silence. They want their luxury yacht to provide a quiet, tranquil environment with absolutely minimal vibration. Performance and comfort are often high on the list of priorities for most people considering luxury yacht ownership. Yachts which can travel at high speed and cover long distances but at the same time remain comfortable and quiet are what many seek.

Another important trend is the demand for bespoke designs and custom finishes. Successful business people are not looking for standard, off-the-shelf vessels. They want their yachts to be representative of them, their families and their personal desires and needs. They like to specify every detail, from the tableware to the configuration of entertainment spaces. They want to feel totally at home and comfortable on their yachts, which reflect their personalities.

A design trend that’s been apparent at all major boat shows is the increased use of glass. Much like the creative architectures and modern private homes we are seeing in all major cities around the world, glass is in high demand. Opaque walls are being replaced with modern glass barriers providing an abundance of natural light and offering wonderful exterior views while keeping interiors cool. The same is being employed in yacht design. Bulkheads are being replaced with glass and windows are becoming larger, providing expansive outlooks and great views. The new Princess X95 is a fine example with full height, port and starboard glazing presenting stunning views and providing plenty of interior light. Glazing has also been creatively used in the X95 master suite which features 270 degree tinted, toughened glass windows.

Business people want to use their yachts as entertainment spaces, for their family and friends, but also perhaps for clients, partners and colleagues. They want plenty of adaptable outdoor and indoor spaces, customised to their specific needs. Indoor and outdoor dining areas, spas and water sports facilities and top of the range entertainment systems are amongst the features often specified. The new Princess X95 fulfills all of these desires, offering expansive interior space making use of every square metre. The super flybridge and main deck cover almost the full length of this luxury yacht and the open main deck configuration is ideal for socialising and relaxing, providing breathtaking, uninterrupted vistas. Another customisation option on the X95 is to replace the stateroom with a wonderful cinema lounge, great for relaxing after a day in the sun!

An aspect of yacht performance that is important to people whose desire is to get away from it all is how far a yacht can travel on a full tank of fuel. The need to remain within easy reach of refuelling locations and repeatedly top up a small fuel tank can curtail any ambitious, long-distance, adventurous inclinations. The Princess X95 features a massive 13,400 litre fuel tank capacity which is big enough to meet the needs of the most demanding, far-reaching exploration voyages.

The luxury yacht desires of today’s business customers have progressed in recent years and these changes have been recognised and embraced by the designers of  new vessels from Princess Yachts. The X95 is a premier example of a modern luxury yacht featuring stunning spacial architecture which includes multiple configurable internal and external spaces such as the climate controlled Sky Lounge and huge flybridge. The larger fuel tank makes this boat ideal for adventure and for those who want to explore further afield in complete comfort, she will be arriving in January 2020.