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Princess R35 Review: She turns heads at Plymouth Turnchapel event

Princess R35 Review: Turnchapel, Plymouth

Revolutionary, extroadinary, impressive, eye-catching, bold. The Princess R35 certainly wowed at our South West event in Turnchapel, Plymouth. With luxury sportscars from our sister company, Rybrook Bristol, including Bentley and McLaren, our Princess owners and enthusiasts enjoyed an evening of socialising around some of the finest engineering.

Born of a desire to combine the very finest of Princess’s experience with new technologies, materials, and engineering that challenge the boundaries of yachting – R Class is our brand new range of performance sports yachts. In a first for the yacht industry, Princess Yachts partnered with BAR for their America’s Cup winning technology and legendary Italian designers, Pininfarina on what is their first ever boat. The result has torn up the rulebook, rocked the boat industry and set the benchmark for the next generation of Princess yachts.

In the early evening light, we served a BBQ and Salcombe gin cocktails to our guests, with an electric atmosphere in front of the Turnchapel showroom. Coloured lights illuminated the R35 and the Princess building, whilst music played and drinks flowed. The event gave our Princess owners and enthusiasts the prime opportunity to view this inspiring craft in all its glory, whilst being able to appreciate a stunning selection of motors.

Follow the Princess R35 as she continues her roadshow.