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Shared Yacht Ownership – Boating Nirvana?

The lure of motor yacht ownership is many fold. Luxury, exclusivity, adventure, excitement, relaxation, family time, it’s anything you want it to be and it’s everything you’d like it to be. For most of us however, it’s a passing daydream whilst walking past a sunlit harbour on holiday, admiring all the gleaming boats in the marina.

In the sharing community of the 21st century, the financial aspect is easily resolved simply by dividing yacht ownership between several owners. However, well managed execution is crucial for smooth running and financial security, which is where all 55 years of Princess Motor Yacht Sales’ experience in the retail yachting industry steps in, with a rock solid ownership agreement that fairly and transparently divides the cost of the yacht and the running fees between buyers.

Each buyer purchases a percentage of the yacht and has that percentage of the eventual sale price returned to him when it is sold at the end of the agreement (normally four years). Running costs are also divided between owners and clearly set out at the outset of the agreement. For example, an eighth share of a Princess 64 berthed in Palma works out at £150,000 to purchase and £20,000/year to run. The only thing left to cover is fuel and provisioning whilst on board.

Which neatly brings us on to time. Most yacht owners lead busy lives and readily admit that time abroad is as rare as it is precious, which is why the four weeks a year that eighth share buys are probably a fair reflection of typical use of a wholly owned yacht. However more shares can be purchased if more time is needed.

All of which only leaves the hassle factor, neatly demolished by the experienced team at Princess Motor Yacht Sales, who organise a full time skipper to take care of both the boat plus the owners when on board, and deal with all servicing, routine maintenance, cleaning, and every other aspect of running the yacht. We even provide a dedicated concierge service to assist you with all aspects of your trip.

Leaving you to enjoy the luxury, exclusivity, adventure, excitement, relaxation, family time, or whatever else you want your yacht ownership experience to be. If this sounds like something that would work for you, give the Yacht Quarters team at Princess Motor Yacht Sales a call. We will organise a visit for you to see the yacht of your choice, and if you sign up we’ll not only cover your air fares, we’ll cover a year of maintenance charges too!

You can find out more about our current opportunity in Mallorca on our YachtQuarters pages here, or call our team at +44 (0)1489 557755 or email [email protected]