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Porsche Club Championship 2021

The Porsche Club Championship is back for 2021, and our sister company Rybrook and their Porsche Centre in Chester are delighted to take part again. 

The Porsche Centre Chester will be taking part in class two of the 2021 Porsche Club Championship, with Carl Hazelton, the Centre principal, behind the wheel of their 987 Boxster S. The race car this year will feature a new livery, with sponsors by both Rybrook and Princess Motor Yacht Sales.

Porsche Centre Chester said, “Whilst we were saddened not to be able to take part in the championship last year due to the suspension of races and events, Carl kept up his practice by way of ‘sim-racing’. He has certainly put the hours in over the last year and we hope that this experience will serve him well when he gets behind the wheel of our latest race car.”

Class two of the Porsche Club Championship will see Carl compete on some of the most challenging race tracks, including the Silverstone GP.

Race 1 and 2 – Donington Park
On Saturday 10th April, Porsche Centre Chester welcomed the start of the racing season and Carl’s first time behind the wheel in over 18 months. There are a total of seven rounds in the Porsche Club Championship, with each round consisting of a 20 minute qualifying session followed by two 25 minute races. Carl qualified in eighth position, and then finished both races at Donington Park in seventh position.

Race 3 and 4 – Brands Hatch
Brands Hatch threw a curveball their way, and issues with the driveshaft on test day meant the car had to be towed off track. When it came to the race day, Carl didn’t have a replacement driveshaft so had to work with what they had to ensure he was able to qualify. Thankfully, he did so and in ninth place. Regarding the first race, Carl Hazelton said, “I was following a car that was sending out oil all over my car. It started to rain and I put my wipers on and then could hardly see the track! I managed to hang on and finished in eighth place.”

Race 5 and 6 – Snetterton
On Thursday 3rd June, the Porsche Chester team travelled to Snetterton in Norfolk, over 229 miles, to being rounds 5 and 6 of the Porsche Club Championship. The race proved extremely tough and competitive, however Carl was able to finish both races without any issues!

Porsche Club Championship Dates:

Follow Carl and the team as they continue to compete in the championship at the following locations

3rd July – Oulton Park International Circuit
14th August – Silverstone GP
5th September – Brands Hatch Indy Circuit
2nd October – Snetterton 300

Follow the race here.