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Princess F55 Owner Story: June 2021

Princess F55 Owner Story: Dirk Bönnen 

Join us as we speak to Princess F55 owner, Dirk Bönnen on board his new Princess yacht based in Frejus, France. He chats to us about his ownership and experiences on board, especially during the 2020 covid pandemic.

What’s your boating history?
I’ve been boating for eight or nine years now. Prior to my F55, I had a V39 and that was my first taste of Princess. I bought my F55 in the summer of 2019 and moved it to Frejus in the south of France in 2020.

Why did you choose the F55 owner?
I decided to upgrade because we wanted more space on board. I was viewing boats in a range of between 50 and 60 feet at the Düsseldorf Boat Show and a flybridge was a key part of what I was looking for.

How have you been using your boat?
We love to go boating on the French Riviera. We have a house in the south of France – a villa close to the marina, which operates as a second home for us. It’s a place where we can relax and enjoy life and the boat is an extension to that. But it’s not just a floating home. It’s a base for exploring the French coastline too, for seeing the land from the sea and enjoying the new perspectives a boat can bring.

What was your F55 owner 2020 yachting highlight?
We headed west to Marseilles and that was fun. But my favourite moment was when we found an anchorage, just off Cannes between two islands. Sitting there, watching the view as the sun went down, enjoying our sundowners alongside the people I love most in the world, was something really special. It was a proud moment to be able to share that with the people closest to me.

How has your F55 performed?
Living on board the V39 with my family was a beautiful time and we enjoyed it enormously. But moving onto the F55 felt like moving from a waterfront apartment into a very large house. There’s so much more space, luxury and comfort – and ultimately, more joy in every detail. So we have fallen in love with the new concept and we feel really good on board. I spend a great deal of time on the flybridge with the family, but what I also love about the boat is the fine detailing and attention to quality. It’s a very calm and smooth operating boat to drive and that gives you a lot of comfort and confidence when you’re cruising.

What are your cruising plans for 2021?
Aside from cruising the French coastline, the intention is to have a one-week cruise to Corsica to explore that area and to discover how that part of the world feels. In my current family situation with three people, the F55 offers more than enough space to do that with comfort and confidence – and after the restrictions of 2020, I just can’t wait for that to happen!

This Princess F55 owner story was featured in issue 20 of My Princess, our customer magazine. Read the full issue here.

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