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Our pick of the best motor yacht products

Motor Yacht Products, chosen by Princess Motor Yacht Sales Individual 

We are Princess Motor Yacht Sales Individual, a tailored service to yacht owners to enhance life on board for them and their families. Our HQ is conveniently based not far from Princess Yachts, in Turnchapel, Plymouth.

Our service locations in the UK, northern Germany, southern Spain and Mallorca, each boast incredible facilities and a bespoke retrofit service. Complete your experience with our pick of the best practical and enjoyable onboard solutions.

Radinn Jetboards
Radinn is the creator of the number one motorised electric surfboard on the market today. The range of powered jetboards is the ideal water toy for the adrenaline enthusiasts among us, and an innovative and exhilarating way to experience the water in style. That’s why they feature in our top pick of motor yacht products available today. The jetboard is user-friendly and, for those who aren’t so familiar with surfing or boarding, once you find your balance – which doesn’t take long – you’ll gain the confidence to accelerate and push the board to its limits.

Radinn Jetboard

Siren Marine
Siren Marine provides boaters with complete peace of mind through real-time data and alerts, so you know when your boat is safe and secure – and when it’s not. Remote boat monitoring means you spend less time worrying about your
boat and more time enjoying it. The enhanced smart boat technology that powers the new Siren 3 Pro unit will provide owners with improved visibility of their yacht, including GPS tracking and the ability to monitor critical systems and events on board.

Clearline by ElectroSea
The Clearline system by ElectroSea is one of the leading systems in marine growth prevention. Clearline is now installed on over 65 premium boat brands, making ElectroSea a front-runner in the marine market, and a clear contender in our top picks. For motor yacht owners, there simply isn’t a better alternative for maintaining your raw water lines and keeping strainers clean longer. By preventing barnacles, biofilm, algae and marine growth in these key areas, the Clearline System ensures the time you used to spend descaling can be put to better use!

Red Paddle Boards
Stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP for short, is a watersport originating from Hawaii. Sit or stand on your board and paddle your way through the open water. Considered the world’s number one brand, Red Paddle Co delivers a fabulous range of inflatable SUPs for all types and styles of rider. Our exclusive partnership, including access to their products and our team’s expertise, gives you the advantage when ordering.

Humphree Stabilisers
We provide advanced stabilising systems from Humphree, a leader in interceptor and fin design and innovation, so you
can enjoy a steady ride, whatever the sea conditions. Its interceptor range provides active stabilisation, customisable to the size of your yacht. They are compact, incredibly robust, and their innovative design reduces resistance in the water. Whilst the new electric fin stabilising system brings a cost-saving and powerful solution to the market for those seeking an advantage whilst navigating the high seas.

Sea Recovery Watermakers
The revolutionary Aqua Matic by Sea Recovery is engineered to be easy to use and more reliable. It is extremely quiet,
smooth and enjoys complete vibration isolation – you won’t even know it’s there. The Aqua Matic is able to regulate and
monitor functions without the need of an operator. Compact and lightweight, the system has been designed with the modern boater in mind and is also NMEA 2000 compatible.

If you are looking for the ultimate driving pleasure in the water, a Seabob luxury seatoy is the perfect piece of equipment. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom above and beneath the water, with exceptional power and versatility. With a selection of speeds to either glide leisurely through the water or dive beneath the waves, the Seabob ensures comfort and stability throughout.


Quick Gyro Stabilisers
MC² Quick Gyro stabilisers can reduce boat roll up to 95% and are very effective when at speed as well as being at anchor. The range of anti-roll gyro stabilisers has been designed to suit any requirements, from the smallest boat to a large superyacht – there are no installation limits, and the Princess aftercare team in the UK can fit the equipment you need onboard.

Williams Jet Tenders
Princess yachts have almost been designed with Williams tenders in mind, with plenty of space on the transom or within tender garages. Whatever you need a tender for, we have a huge variety that will open up a world of new activities and destinations to you; from exploring hidden bays to towing toys, or simply running back and forth from shore. What’s more, our office in Turnchapel, Plymouth is an official Williams Service Centre. Here we can custom fit a Williams tender onto your yacht, and carry out any inspections and trials.

Our expert teams can advise on the best solutions for your yacht and your needs.
For more information or for a bespoke quote, contact your local service centre or email