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Retrofit – Your Yacht Your Way

Whether you need additional stabilisation, a larger tender, watersports toys, enhanced AV, fancy a state-of-the-art galley or just want to renew the upholstery, Princess Motor Yacht Sales offer a plethora of retrofit products and services to create your bespoke yachting experience.

‘A yacht is like a second home, so it seems obvious that you’d want to tailor your yacht to reflect your personal requirements and style,’ says Richard Clarke, Retrofit Manager.

Established in 1964, Princess Motor Yacht Sales have a dedicated team of over 100 in-house highly skilled Princess trained engineers, technicians, craftsmen and women based in fantastic facilities in Plymouth, Southampton and Mallorca.  Working with a global network of hand-selected premium quality suppliers, each bespoke retrofit project is carried out to rigorous standards and impeccable build quality.

Quick Gyro stabilisers

From relaxing at anchor to navigating the stormy seas, MC Quick Gyro stabilisers can reduce your boat roll by up to 95%, perfect for dining on board with friends and family as well as enjoying a smoother cruise.  The range of anti-roll gyro stabilisers has been designed to suit any requirements, and its innovative user-friendly technology gives you complete control.

Humphree stabilisers

Advanced stabilising systems from Humphree, help you enjoy a steady ride, whatever the sea conditions.  Interceptors are robust and feature an adjustable blade which cuts through the water vertically. The innovative design reduces resistance in the water, adds speed and improves acceleration.  Fins are 24 DC powered, meaning the system can be operated without a genset engine running while underway, reducing noise and fuel consumption.

‘The Humphree Interceptors have provided a new level of stability.  We tested the boat in a 2m swell in Plymouth and there was barely any roll when the stabilisation systems were active.  Definitely a must-have on any boat.  The friendly and knowledgeable Princess Motor Yacht Sales engineering team in Plymouth have been fantastic to work with.’  Danny, Princess S66


Stay in control of your boat with an extra pair of hands onboard – even away from the helm. The Dockmate system provides you with the most advanced docking system, available on all boats with electronic engine controls regardless of length or type of boat.  Also available is the Dockmate Twist, which offers a wireless extension of your boat’s controls with the exact same feeling and response time.

Radinn Jetboards

The number one motorized electric surfboard on the market today.  For adrenaline enthusiasts, this is the ideal water toy, and an innovative and exhilarating way to experience the water in style.  Discover unchartered waters and find your own escapism adventure.

Lumishore Lighting

Create your own vibe onboard and underwater with Lumishore – the brightest, most advanced, high-performance underwater LED lighting solutions for boats of all sizes from a Princess V40 to a ‘superfly’ X95 or M Class superyacht.  Lumishore is the premier supplier of exceptionally powerful lighting systems, with the highest available light output of over 23,000 fixture lumens.

Fusion Audio

Enhance your time on the water with world-class marine audio entertainment systems.  Retrofit your yacht to include Fusion Audio Entertainment by Garmin, specially designed audio systems for life out at sea. Fusion Audio entertainment brings revolutionary technology, brilliant design and industry-leading features, providing acoustic excellence with demanding environmental protection.

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