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Sea Start Marine Breakdown Service

Sea Start is the marine equivalent of roadside assistance such as the AA or Green Flag. Members can relax with 24/7 cover, 365 days per year for yachts and motor boats up to 65 feet.

Princess Motor Yacht Sales have partnered with Sea Start to give you an exclusive 6 months free membership when you purchase your vessel through us.*

*See Terms and Conditions Below

What is Sea Start?

Sea Star Membership entitles you to:

  • Unlimited call outs
  • Assistance on your home berth
  • Large area of waterborne cover along the South Coast
  • ”First Aid” fouled propeller clearance
  • Tow to the nearest port if repair not possible
  • Large area of coverage including South Coast, North Brittany Coast and The Channel Islands
  • Telephone technical support anywhere

If you break down, all you have to do is call, and Sea Start will be on their way.

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Why Sea Start?

Sea Start are experts with over 25 years of fixing boat-related problems. Their team are fast, friendly and reliable.

What puts Sea Start apart from similar breakdown services is:

  • Unrivalled infrastructure
  • 25 years of Experience – invariably they have seen your fault before!
  • Response time – typical arrival within an hour of your call
  • 90% of breakdowns are repaired on scene
  • More than 30,000 breakdowns attended
  • 51% of call outs are to yachts
  • 15% of call outs are to vessels with fouled propeller

Claim your free 6-month Sea Start membership*

  1. Complete the form on this web page:
  2. Call +44 (0) 800 885500 to register over the phone, you may be asked for your email address or a similar identifier
  3. If you are already a member of Sea Start, then Sea Start will offer a credit of your unused membership off your next renewal. Fill in the form on and quote your Sea Start Membership number or the boat name under which your current policy is held.

*You must register before you break down

Will Sea Start Attend a Non-Member?

Sea Start will occasionally attend non-members but not on a 24 hour basis and there is a charge of one year’s membership plus a non-member call out fee of £100 or more. Waits are longer because members are attended as priority.



What to know before you become a member

The full terms and conditions for Sea Start are on their web site at but here are some salient features about the service and this offer that you should read prior to deciding to join. It is important that you register with Sea Start before you break down or you will be dealt with as a Non-Member.

Who can benefit from this offer?

You can take advantage of this offer if you have purchased a new or used boat from Princess Motor Yacht Sales and have a valid Client Number.

You must register this with no later than within 3 months of your completion date.

About the service

Sea Start is a breakdown service not a lifeboat service. That is to say, amongst other factors they do take account of the prevailing weather before putting to sea. This means whilst they use their best endeavours to help you, attendance is at their discretion.

Membership provides you with unlimited access to Sea Start expertise by land (shore side service) or sea (waterborne service) within their service area. You also have access to their telephone advice at anytime and anywhere.

Sea Start is available 24/7 all year round. Their breakdown service is for engine(s), steering gear and fouled propeller problems.

Where does Sea Start operate?

The Sea Start service area is featured on their website at

Waterborne Coverage

Sea Start’s waterborne coverage is a line from Selsey Bill to Weymouth via a point 3 miles south of St Catherine’s Point, including estuaries and waterways. It also covers up to 3 miles radius from all the main ports within the yellow areas of the coverage map which will be kept updated on their website. They may and often do exceed these limits a tour discretion.

Shoreside Cover

Their shoreside cover is from Ramsgate to Penzance including all ports in between. Also, the Channel Islands, Scilly Isles and the North Brittany coast.

Size Limitations

Membership is restricted to vessels with at least one internal combustion or electrical engine and with an overall length of 65 feet (19.8 metres).

More than one boat

When you join, your membership is for your primary vessel. You can add other vessels; just call the Sea Start team free on +44 (0) 800 885500 to discuss your requirements.

Membership Period

Once 24 hours has elapsed after joining you will have unlimited access to the Sea Start service for a period of 6 months after which you will be invited to renew your annual membership and Sea Start. The price thereafter is £169.50 inc VAT per year for boats over 23ft or £149.50 for boats below 23ft.

What Sea Start Can’t Do

Please note your access to the Sea Start service does not include help with failure of sanitary systems, on board domestic/entertainment equipment, navigation instruments or sailing mechanicals.

Non-members are charged more

Existing members always come first. However, if you are not a current valid Sea Start member prior to having the need to call on their service, their help to you will be dependent on their workload and the prevailing weather. Any help to non-members is entirely at their discretion. You will pay a surcharge, the amount of which will depend on your location and whether the call is at night or day. This surcharge will be a minimum of £100.

Cancellations and/or refunds

You may cancel your membership at any time but this membership has no refund value to you the customer.