How it Works

Crewed shared ownership

How It Works

YachtQuarters works through bringing a group of owners together in a combined ownership structure over a set period of time, after which, the yacht will be sold and the ownership structure dissolved.

At the end of the period, owners have the option either to dissolve the ownership structure and receive the proceeds of the sale in accordance with their shareholding, or continue with a new yacht.


A share in the programme entitles each owner to four weeks on board every year*:

One high season week

Two mid season weeks

One spring/autumn week
(March and November)

Flexible options are available – purchase extra shares to enjoy more time on board. 


In addition to paying your share of the yacht, each owner pays a contribution towards the operating costs as well

The traditional expenses of owning a yacht; the servicing, on-going maintenance, technical issues, crewing, repairs and storage, will be fully managed to a realistic budget.

Outgoings are shared between yourself and the other owners, and all operating costs are transparent and predictable.

Our professional approach makes complicated and critical decisions easy, and knowing there are no hidden charges, you will be as in control of your investment as you are of your horizons.


Throughout the lifetime of the programme, your yacht – your investment – will be cared for and safeguarded by the best in the business. Our aftercare provision for your yacht is world class. The upkeep and technical operation of the vessel is undertaken by a team that has the global resources, industry contacts and the technical expertise to maintain your motor yacht impeccably.


Depending on the size of your yacht, it will be crewed by permanent professionals – a captain on board the Princess 64, while the Y75 will have additional crew. You can sit back and relax with a captain on board taking the helm to sought-after destinations plus a combined chef/steward/deckhand to ensure your life on board is trouble-free. If your individual cruising schedule and yacht model allows, a third crew member can be appointed to assist in the on-board experience for you and your guests.

Your crew will be hand-picked by us. They are an integral aspect of your time aboard, so that over time, you’ll become as familiar with them as they are with you.

YachtQuarters Process

Once you’ve decided whether shared yacht ownership is for you, our professional and knowledgable team is on hand to guide you through the process to making your dream a reality.

This process establishes the first shared ownership, and each share thereafter would follow suit.