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Discover the Freedom of Flying on the Water

Princess Motor Yacht Sales is excited to announce that they have partnered with eFoil Flite to enhance your boating experience.  Explore your playground – the ocean, with this award-winning eFoil hydrofoil jet board.

Flite’s founder, former kit-surfing world record holder and serial entrepreneur, David Trewent, thought ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind.  What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’.  That dream became a sketch and the kitchen table, a workshop. The 3D printer went into overdrive and late nights became early mornings. Dozens of prototypes later, David flew for the first time.  And the dream became reality.  ‘It was magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else.’

Flite started as a family affair in Byron Bay, Australia.  The team includes product and electronics engineers in Byron Bay and Melbourne, hydrodynamicists in California, composites experts in Thailand and fluidics and gearbox design experts in Germany.

In 2021 Flite set records for the fastest eFoil speed in the world, and hosted the first official international eFoil Flite race – the Flite Cup. In 2022 Flite Ambassador Tom Court and big wave surfer Glyn Ovens used Flite’s eFoils to surf the biggest waves ever ridden (Nazaré) on an electric hydrofoil.

Flite have also recently introduced two new products; Flite Air and Flite Scooter, both of which have a deflatable air deck making storage issues a thing of the past and therefore significantly reducing the overall weight of the board.  The Flite Scooter has further been developed to make foiling more accessible to first time riders thanks to the handlebars.  Other products that may be more suitable to your needs and level of experience include PRO, ULTRA, and ULTRA L.

Explore the Princess eFoil Flite product range within the retrofit bespoke and individual department by visiting:

For further information and pricing, please contact our aftersales team by emailing [email protected]