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Naples to Palermo Itinerary


Naples to Palermo

10 Days

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The meandering coastline of the Italian Riviera is a truly captivating sight to behold and is packed full sheltered beaches, rugged cliffs and an abundance of natural beauty.

A ten day charter that encompasses the modern luxury of Capri and the ancient awe inspiring Stromboli will enchant and amaze. An inspired blend of diverse and historical culture and modern day splendour.


  • Day 1: Naples to Ischia
  • Day 2: Ischia to Capri
  • Day 3: Capri to Ravello
  • Day 4: Ravello to Positano
  • Day 5: Positano to Amalfi
  • Day 6: Amalfi to Stromboli
  • Day 7: Stromboli to Panarea
  • Day 8: Panarea to Lipari
  • Day 9: Lipari to Filicudi
  • Day 10: Filicudi to Palermo
Naples to Palermo