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Athens to Aegina Itinerary

Navagio beach bay


Athens to Aegina

10 Days

Corfu to Cephalonia

7 Days

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The infamous Greek Islands provide an endless array of stunning scenery that consists of turquoise waters, pristine sands and picturesque villages that are steeped in history.

This ten day charter includes all the must see locations such as Paros, famous for miles upon miles of golden white sands and cities that are bursting with tradition and splendour.


  • Day 1: Athens to Sounion
  • Day 2: Sounion to Kea
  • Day 3: Kea to Mykonos/Delos
  • Day 4: Mykonos to Paros
  • Day 5: Paros to Ios
  • Day 6: Ios to Santorini
  • Day 7: Santorini to Sifnos
  • Day 8: Sifnos to Serifos to Kithnos
  • Day 9: Kithnos to Aegina
  • Day 10: Aegina to Athens
Athens to Aegina