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East Mediterranean Charter Destinations

An intoxicating blend of ancient culture and civilisation with the most magnificent coastline, the Eastern Mediterranean with its crystal blue waters couldn’t feel more different to its Western relative.

Such a mosaic of islands and nations feel decadently enchanting, with the region being the home to some of the most breath-taking destinations, from the rich Romanesque wonders of Venice to the clash of cultures in lively Istanbul. With the region’s fascinating myths and legends you can expect a multitude of architectural marvels, extraordinary sights and curiosities. Whilst exclusive towns such as Spetses and Rhodes ensure an element of glamour and cultural variety, the one thing that unites the area is the mystical enchantment found with such ancient civilisations encompassing ruins, medieval villages, sacred temples and churches. As awe inspiring as the decadent history of these man-made treasures are, you will find it hard not to be bowled over by the natural beauty of the volcanic islands, lush pine forests and the captivating shades of blue of the ocean.