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South Pacific Charter Destinations

The South Pacific is known to be home to a group of islands that are rather unique to any other part of the world. An abundance of natural beauty exists and takes the form of pristine white beaches that stretch for miles upon miles, a diverse network of coral reefs that are home to an incredible diverse number of species and landscapes that are comprised of rugged mountains and luscious rainforests. There is something for every discerning traveller here, whether you are looking for the idyllic islands of the South Pacific, the bottomless lagoons of the unrivalled Fiji or simply the shimmering beaches that Tahiti has to offer.

If visiting one of the seven natural wonders of the world is of interest to you then why not make a journey to Australia and make for the Great Barrier Reef.. The diving here is regarded as world class and as soon as you venture beneath the waters you will experience aquatic life like never seen before. Magnificent diving goes hand in hand with magnificent beaches and you can rest assured that you will find both here. By heading east from this grandiose coast you will eventually reach the stunning island chains of Fiji and Vanuatu. Well regarded for sumptuous escapism and unrivalled hospitality, you can rest assured that a visit to either will leave you feeling truly revitalised. French Polynesia is to be found by travelling a little further east and is without doubt, well worth the journey. An assortment of atolls and volcanic land masses which are dusted along the South Pacific with fabulous diving and water sport opportunities available…

French Polynesia

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Australia and The Great Barrier Reef

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