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The Evolution of the Superyacht

A superyacht brings with it an element of class and sophistication, a feeling of true luxury on the water and an exclusive memorable experience. Here, we delve into the superyacht division of Princess Yachts and how our sales and service professionals at Princess Motor Yacht Sales can help you, from purchase through to your superyacht ownership and more.

Princess X95 superyacht

What is a superyacht?

As yacht designs evolve, so the marine industry’s yachting parameters tend to flex and adjust. However, there’s no doubt that the superyacht continues to showcase some very singular traits. In addition to the sheer scale of a superyacht, the most obvious of those involves the complexity of its ‘blank canvas’ approach.

In place of the standard ‘factory-fit’ methodology, a superyacht is an uncompromising top-spec creation, encompassing everything from semi-custom cruising machines to fully bespoke, one-off vessels. While this clearly brings a whole range of yachting forms into play, the traditional ‘superyacht’ concept has the breadth to cover them all. In essence, a superyacht is a crewed, highly customised luxury craft in excess of 100 feet, designed and built for marine recreation, and rigorously tailored to satisfy the unique preferences of the owner.

Self-drive yachts with superyacht credentials

If you want the superyacht lifestyle, alongside the simplified costs and logistics of an ‘owner-driver’ recreational vessel, you need to look at sub-100-foot boats that fit within the 24m ‘Pleasure Craft’ RCD threshold. Now you can now enjoy an authentic ‘superyacht experience’ on much more compact vessels than you might expect. The latest X and Y class yachts for sale by Princess are a fine example.

With exquisite materials, meticulous detailing and vast internal spaces bathed in natural light, the Princess Y95 is a superyacht in all but name. Its Olesinski exterior design uses dramatic full-length hull windows and, with comfort and seakeeping at the very heart of the Y Class, it delivers a supremely cultured long-distance cruising experience. The X Class is equally aligned with the established expectations of the superyacht owner. With main and fly decks that extend virtually the entire length of the yacht, as well as climate-controlled Sky Lounges and convertible, custom-ready open-plan layouts, it combines the space, luxury and flexibility of a superyacht with the range and style of a compact explorer.

The enduring value of the Princess M Class superyacht

The X and Y Classes actually inherit some valuable refinements from Princess’s award-winning M Class. Both the X and Y Class, for instance, benefit from the increased internal volume that resin infusion brings – and their designs work hard to optimise that sense of space with expansive structural glass sections, intelligently arranged overhead glazing and stylish cutaway bulwarks.

Princess 30m

In terms of layout, the scale and intelligence of the X and Y Class deck arrangements also generate an increased variety of inside and outside zones to eat, drink and relax, while enabling the discreet separation of crew routes and improved guest privacy. And the ingenious raised pilothouse is also key to a better on board experience. On the X Class, it frees up plenty of extra entertaining space and on the Y95, it gives birth to that most coveted of superyachting features: the main-deck master suite.

Certainly, the established concept of the superyacht remains a useful indicator of purpose and calibre. But with bespoke freestanding furniture for easy customisation, as well as convertible foredeck party zones and Beach-Club-ready aft decks, the Princess X and Y Class deliver a more lucid taste of superyachting freedom, refinement and individuality than anything the sub-100-foot market has seen before.

The flagship of the Y Class

What superyacht services do Princess Motor Yacht Sales provide?

Trusted specialist market knowledge

Since the year 2000, we have sold over 150 yachts at 70ft+ to the UK and EU markets. Our sales and service teams are backed by over 50 years in the industry, working alongside Princess Yachts to sell and maintain their stunning craft. When it comes to purchasing a superyacht however, we understand the complexities of this and are well versed in customisation, specification and ensuring your superyacht is right for you.

In-house finance and insurance 

We have legal, financial and insurance partners based in key areas across the world, and our in-house advisor can assist on the best options for you and your purchase.

Charter division 

Our Princess Yacht Charter division has been operating alongside Princess Motor Yacht Sales, with the same knowledge and expertise of both Princess yachts and superyachts. So, if you’re thinking of chartering your superyacht during those times you’re not on her, our charter team can help to realise your yacht’s earning potential.

Local teams available 7 days a week 

We have a network of sales and service offices across key locations in the UK, Spain, Germany and Balearics. We also have a network of trusted dealer partners across locations such as Switzerland, Portugal, Channel Islands and Turkey. Each location boasts a welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable team, who know their local areas like the back of their hand. Each can assist with superyacht berthing, services, round-the-clock support and more.

Dedicated aftercare and retrofit

With Princess Motor Yacht Sales, all superyacht owners receive their own dedicated concierge – a contact within our renowned service team who can advise and orchestrate all service works on your yacht. They are your direct point of call to our team of experts, whether it’s a quick fix you need or perhaps a new product to be retrofitted on board, or even just some advice. Our service teams are conveniently placed to assist our customers, in the UK, Spain, Germany and the Balearics with the ability to travel further afield.

Contact us

For more information regarding our superyacht services, contact our large yachts division:

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